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What is Spawner Tool Editor

Spawner Tool Editor is a Unity Tool oriented to games that need to manage and design enemy waves/rounds. It makes it easy to design manually each round in an efficient and visual way. The ideal target for this tool is TowerDefense games, enemy arenas, and any game which has to spawn enemies in a specific way.



If you are looking for API, you can find it here:


  • Spawner tool window
    • Here you can configure each spawner graph.
    • You can open it with double click or from inspector of spawner graphs.
    • You can create spanwer graph in assets folder, right click, Create/SpawnerTool/SpawnerGraph.
    • You can open the window in tool bar as SpawnerTool/Spawner. If you don’t have any spawner graph, you can create one from there or select one that you already created.
    • This window features:
      • Quick access to any round, you can input text or scrollwheel.
      • Change round time, and add more tracks if you can’t suite enough enemy Blocks to it.
      • Drag & drop blocks (from Drag me block) to quickly setup enemies. You can change property blocks by selecting them and change settings in default inspector.
      • Drag & drop blocks to the top & left sides to delete the block. You can also delete blocks with Delete key.
      • Enable/disable grid magnet for more precision.
    • You can set up max rounds, time, total time, and even change background and block texture from SpawnerTool settings.
  • Wave Manager:
    • This component is the most important. It makes the SpawnGraph you created spawn
    • This component features:
      • Events
        • 1. When round finishes.
        • 2. When all rounds finish.
        • 3. When an enemy is spawned (with Enemy Gameobject as parameter).
      • Between rounds delay
      • Handy properties and functions to control waves.
  • Spawn Points ID Manager
    • This component sets up spawn points, which Wave Manager uses to know where to spawn enemies with SpawnGraph ID.
    • This component features:
      • Add child GameObjects to define spawn points.
      • It shows you in Scene editor position and number of spawn points id.
        • This can be disabled (when you don’t have SpawnPointsIdManager gameobject selected) and change color/fontSize.
        • It also comes with a renaming feature.

Coming up Features

Currently working on: Spawn in-game editor

In version 1.0.1

  • Bug fixing
  • API improvements
  • Manual improvements

In version 1.1.0

  • Zoom in/out
  • Collapse blocks
  • Editor API
  • Multi-select and move blocks
  • Multi-select and edit blocks
  • Avoid dragging blocks one inside another
  • Avoid making blocks larger than round total time


  • Video tutorials on how to use it
  • Add more spawning features
  • Improve wave manager for more possibilities
  • And many more...
Last modified 2yr ago